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Embracing differences in the workplace makes for a more successful and sustainable organization. But discussing issues of diversity can be uncomfortable. Enter Seva Diversity Consulting. As a speaker, coach and panelist, Seva Diversity Consulting acts as an energetic guide through the diversity discussion using unique stories, inspiring messages and healthy dose of humor. Better culture leads to a better outcome. Start creating your culture today with Seva Diversity Consulting.

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Minny Deol Olson, MS, CDP
Certified Diversity Professional

About Minny

Minny Deol Olson is a storyteller. In some of her stories, you smell the ripe afternoon breeze of her Punjabi Sikh parents’ dairy farm in rural Canada. In others, you see the snow fall on a North Dakota campus filled with thousands of white faces and one brown one. And in others still, you will feel the sting in your chest that comes when you realize you are unwelcome based on how you look, where you are from, or who you love.

Born in India, raised in Canada and currently living in the Midwest, Minny knows what it feels like to be unwelcome, inspiring her to become a certified diversity professional and open Seva Diversity Consulting. She is a rare individual who immigrated not once, but twice in her life. Once when her family emigrated from urban India to rural Canada and again when she, a brown Sikh Punjabi woman, married a white Christian American man and moved to Iowa. She combines her training as a family therapist and life coach with her chops as an actress and TV host for an unforgettable experience designed to give attendees a chance to walk in someone else’s shoes and gain a new perspective on the world.

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